"Ok but why would you make another rosé brand? There's like a million out there..."
Funny you should ask. First off, can you ever have enough rosé. Secondly, we didn’t just create another rosé brand, we’re creating an opportunity. An opportunity that’s not found at the bottom of other *fancy* rosé bottles — the ones that always seem to be drunk by dudes rocking identical haircuts, patagonia vests and boat shoes when they in fact do not (and probably never will) own a boat. Or by the group of chicks who hashtag “rosé all day” after a 3-hour brunch that was documented course by course in their Instagram stories, equipped with boomerang cheers, “candid” laughs and all.
No, Výb Rosé is your catalyst for connection. An opportunity to party, to laugh and love each other just a little bit more. An opportunity for you to say YES to life, to go with the flow - no plan needed, an opportunity to raise the frequency of the whole fucking party just by walking through the door.
So, we’re taking the basic bitch out of rosé. It’s time to raise the Výb.